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Brady Skjei says hi from Russia

When he's not playing hockey, sometimes, he shows us the sights.

Things are going pretty well for Team USA at the 2016 IIHF World Championships. The fourth place team in Group B, they just eked into the playoff round - and then they took on the top team from Group A, the Czech Republic, in the quarterfinals and won.

The Americans now have a really good shot at a medal: after all, there are just four teams left, and three medals to be given out.

Tomorrow, they'll play Team Canada for the right to play for gold. But today is an off-day - the final off-day of the tournament, with the semifinals on Saturday and the gold and bronze medal games on Sunday - so that means it's time for sightseeing.

Brady Skjei, who's averaging 18:28 a game (fourth among American defenseman) and has a goal this tournament, is doing just that.

Rainy day at the Red Square

A photo posted by Brady Skjei (@bradyskjei) on

Saint Basil's Cathedral totally has to be a must-see if you're going all the way out to Moscow - so definitely a good call by Skei to spend his off-day touring around a bit. He was hanging out with some of his teammates earlier in the week as well:

Enjoying some time in Russia

A photo posted by Brady Skjei (@bradyskjei) on

Tomorrow, it's back to hockey. But this is as good a way as any to spend some downtime when you're across the ocean, isn't it?