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Oscar Lindberg Had Surgery To Repair His Bilateral Hip Labral (Is Out Six Months)

Oscar Lindberg has surgery, is out six months.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So I wasn't expecting this, but Oscar Lindberg had successful surgery on his bilateral hip labral. From the Rangers:

Not sure if this had anything to do with him sitting for a good portion of the back half of the year -- although it should be noted he did play in the playoffs -- but it is interesting.

Lindberg is expected to be out for six months, which pits him back somewhere around October/November. On the shorter end he might be healthy (not in game shape, but healthy) by the time the regular season starts, but this does complicate things a little moving forward.

As always, the Rangers broke the news themselves. Maybe they'll have more good news with a signing or two in the coming hours?

Updated note: Simultaneous here means he had surgery on BOTH hips. Woof.