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WATCH: Henrik Lundqvist discusses how much his mom means to him

Happy Mother's Day!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It's Mother's Day, and across the sporting world, athletes are giving tributes to the women who raised them, and helped get them to where they are today. Naturally, Henrik Lundqvist is no different:

Considering how his mom was not only raising Henrik, but also his identical twin brother, Joel, there's no doubt she must have been insanely busy when they were growing up. It's really good he recognizes that, since there's no doubt that without her support, he never would have made it this far.

As to the other parts of the video: Meryl Streep as Lundqvist's mom? This is actually totally believable. Perfect casting.

And giving his mom the nickname of "Spider"? Well, we'll have to go with his judgment on that one - it's definitely cooler sounding than "Glue" would have been.

Happy Mother's Day!