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Brad Richards retires

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Just five years ago, the Rangers signed him to a nine-year deal.

Harry How/Getty Images

At the age of 36, Brad Richards has decided to hang up his skates. This comes after a lengthy NHL career, during which he played for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, Chicago Blackhawks, and Detroit Red Wings.

Oh, and of course, the New York Rangers. Richards played three seasons for the Rangers, spanning from 2011-14. During that time, he played 210 games, scoring 151 points along the way. His Rangers career came to an end when the team used a compliance buyout on him.

Back in 2011, Richards was the big fish of the free agency period. He was coming off of a 77 point season (in 72 games; the year before he had 91 points), and was in high demand. The Rangers won his services, signing the then-31 year old to a $60 million, nine-year deal.

By using the compliance buyout, the Rangers were able to remove Richards' high-money, lengthy contract from their cap. He scored just 37 points in 76 games for the Blackhawks the following season, and then 28 in 68 with the Red Wings, so... that could have turned out a lot worse.

Best wishes to Richards in his retirement!