New York Rangers Request Rick Nash’s No Trade List

Per Bob McKenzie the Rangers have finally requested Rick Nash’s no-trade list. Nash has 18 teams he can reject a trade to, which means the Rangers can make a trade with any team not on the list.

This is the start of what should be a very active three weeks for Jeff Gorton.

We don’t know what specific teams Nash has on his list, but per a report from Larry Brooks Nash’s no-trade last year included ALL Canadian teams. I’m not sure if that continued through this year — since he’s a UFA this summer will he take a shot at the Cup no matter where it comes from? I can’t imagine many markets provide more heat than New York.

Interestingly enough, Elliotte Friedman reported last week teams entering negotiations with the Rangers for Nash and Michael Grabner have the sense both players will return to New York over the summer anyway. Does Nash feel this way? And if so will he agree to waive the no-trade clause to a team on his original list of 18 if he thinks he has a shot to get his name on the Cup?

We’ll follow along, but for now this is a firm base of evidence the Rangers are (rightfully) going to the deadline as sellers.