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Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8!

Tonight we’ll be running Bantering The Blueshirts so that we don’t conflict with the game tomorrow. Also, I’m not sick anymore so yay!

Check out the new levels on the Patreon here. Not all that much has changed, we’re just adjusting how we’re going about getting you the most value for helping -- along with getting to hear us ... in your ear ... If you want your name on this list, well, go to the Patreon and see what’s up! (Our primary goal is $500, which we’re going to infuse right back into the podcast with some new equipment to help with the clarity of the show. First thought if you’re going to donate is that we make the show better for you, not line our own pockets.)

Wall Of House Banter!!

Anthony Viola

Danz Lynch

George Lippman

Matt Bader

Eric Kohn

Daniel Desjeunes

Michael Silvers

Trevor Kempner

Thomas Osa

Alexander Thornton

Nicholas Forlenza

Dan Carrozzi

Taelor Ritter

John J Porter

Amriel Kissner

Zachary Zetlin

To everyone who has donated, thank you so much! We’re not making this obligatory, nor do we want you to feel pressured, but if you can help out we’d appreciate it. If not, your support of our endeavors is good enough!