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Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8!

2017 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Bantering The Blueshirts returns to the airwaves tonight at 8 p.m. Not that we haven’t been on the airwaves all summer, we’ve just slacked off these Banter reminders. But not more! No more ...

You can listen to the show live here! Or you can archive on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. You should subscribe/give us 5 stars/leave a nice comments on any platform you listen on because you love us.

Tonight’s show will be about Kevin Hayes, the Rangers’ center depth, the Wolf Pack overhaul, the Rangers; final prospect rankings and so much more.

Please donate to the Patreon if you can. If you enjoy the podcast, or even if you just enjoy Blueshirt Banter as a whole. We’ve used the money we’ve made to this point to get skype subscriptions and a new microphone. We’re looking to add another mic and to continue to take steps to improve the sound quality of the show. Every dollar you’re sending to us is being re-invested. Plus you can hear your name on the show!

Ye Olde Walle Of House Bantere

John J. Porter

Anthony Viola

Robert Courtney

Guy From Montana

Daniel Desjeunes

Eric Kohn

Matt Bader

George Lippman

Danz Lynch

Andrew Grygo

Stink Fleaman

John Reppy

Arch Williams

Igor Zaslavsky

Zachary Zetlin

Dan Carrozzi

Alexander Thornton

Thomas Osa

Trevor Kempner

Michael Silvers

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