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Banter Reviews: Mats Zuccarello Bobblehead

Behold the wonders of polyresin

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National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, FOCO

We all love Mats Zuccarello. He’s led the New York Rangers in scoring for the past three years, he’s the ultimate underdog, he has come back from a terrifying injury that nearly ended his career, and he’s the greatest Norwegian to ever play in the NHL.

Did you know that he is just 10 points away from having three times as many points as Espen Knutsen, the man who is second all-time among Norwegian skaters in NHL scoring? Well, now you do. We like to keep our readers at Blueshirt Banter informed.

Which is why we’re reviewing the first-ever bobblehead of the heart and soul of the Rangers.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum was kind enough to send Blueshirt Banter a very unique bobblehead. Only 2,018 of these Zuccarello bobbleheads have been made, and they sell for $40 plus shipping. This bobble-noggin was made exclusively for the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum by FOCO, and is one of just two NHL-related bobbleheads they are making in this style. The other one is Maple Leafs’ mascot Carlton the Bear, who I’m hoping will charge and maul Gritty in a fluff-filled recreation of that scene from The Revenant. I bet Gritty’s internal organs are made out of Cheetos, pork rinds, and soggy cheesesteak bread.

Bobbly Features

  • Bobblehead Zuccarello’s stick is removable, which is great because it means you can replace it with a significantly longer stick if you prefer a retro look. Remember how long his stick looked before he shaved two inches off of it to be better in the corners? Ah, memories.
  • The bobblehead stands about 7.5 inches tall (including its base), which is also the length of an un-sharpened pencil (yes, I googled that). I plan on using mine to make sure that Ticonderoga isn’t ripping me off the next time I buy a 12-pack.
  • The highlight of the bobblehead has to be Zuke’s trademark flow, which FOCO managed to capture pretty well. I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best recreation of Zuccarello’s ebon locks ever made at this scale.
Behold: the unruly mane of our little Norwegian lion.
  • This jigglurine — a word that I just made up combining “jiggly” and “figurine” — is made out of polyresin, which gives it a platform sturdy enough to withstand the chicanery of domestic cats and small children. It’s also likely hefty enough to be an effective projectile for self defense, or to leave a devastating crater in your drywall.
  • Each and every one of the 2,018 Zuccarello bobbleheads are hand-painted. Apparently most bobbleheads are hand-painted, which just goes to show how far we are from artificial intelligence shattering human civilization. Those stupid robots can’t even paint on small, 3-D surfaces in a cost-effective manner. Elon Musk is a dope.
  • Let’s talk details. The hockey socks are textured, the facial hair is textured (go on, give it a feel, you know you want to), and they even got Zuccarello’s eye color right. My biggest critique is that Zuccarello is missing his helmet visor, but I plan on remedying that by cutting a custom one out of a water bottle. There will be blood.
The eyes of a man who has watched all of his best friends get traded away.
  • Phil Sklar, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, believes that this could be the first time a Norwegian professional athlete has been made into a bobblehead. It’s not everyday that you can own a little piece of history without committing an act of vandalism.
  • This bobblehead can and will serve as a worthy centerpiece to any Zuccarello shrine after he gets traded at or before this year’s deadline. When that day comes I plan on leaving appropriately-sized bouquets of bluebell and morning glory flowers around it, along with tiny candles, and a few dolphin figurines. He always loved dolphins. Thankfully, polyresin is tear-resistant material — it really is a fantastic and versatile compound.
  • The protective plastic mold that helps ensure that your Zuccarello bobble gets to you safely doubles as a unique ice cube tray that is sure to thrill your dinner guests! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also use it as a Jell-O mold. Can you imagine all the jiggles?

Seriously, if you’re a diehard Rangers or Zuccarello fan, this is a pretty nifty piece of memorabilia to add to your collection. It’s detailed, durable, and sure to make the other Rangers fans in your life envious. Also, as you can see from the video at the top of this review, it has some pretty sweet bobble action.

A special thanks to The Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum for reaching out to Blueshirt Banter!