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A Quick Word On The Podcast

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I’ve been absent from the podcast the past five weeks or so. Half of the reason for that was personal family stuff, but the other half was a potential promotion at work that has consumed my free time.

Good news on both fronts: Baby is getting better and I got the promotion at work. That changes a few things moving forward …

As with all great things that come from this place, Mike was the mastermind here. He poked me for a year about doing the podcast, and when I finally got on board he made sure the podcast continued to uphold the standard we have with Blueshirt Banter. The podcast truly is a labor of love, and there’s so much work behind the scenes that goes into it to make it run. Most of that was Mike demanding the show be better. Seriously.

Moving forward, I will no longer be a part of that labor of love. At least on a permanent basis. With two kids my free time from work is already paper-thin, and with the new promotion it’s going to get thinner. This was not a wanted sacrifice on my behalf, but a needed one. It isn’t enough to say thank you to all of you for the support. Like with the Banter, the joy comes from the positive interactions with all of you. The support, the subscriptions, the comments, questions, compliments … everything, it’s meant the world to me. While I am sorry to see the podcast continue to sail along without me, I know it will be in good hands because it’s filled with good people. And because, again, anything you enjoy in this space is because of Mike.

Tom will be taking my place as a permanent host, and there might be some work done to get another regular guest moving forward – but I don’t want to speculate until it’s official. Tom will do wonderful because Tom is wonderful, but also because Mike infected him with the “everything I touch has to be great” gene that makes his work on the website so damn good. You’ll all love the show moving forward – and there aren’t going to be any changes to the current format of two shows per week. We might adjust the day it’s dropped – again, based on this vague third mystery guest – but for now it’s still all the same.

As of right now there will be no adjustments to site personnel. Sorry to say I’m sitting atop the Banter Iron Throne for the foreseeable future. As for now, please welcome Tom to the show, and get ready for more fantastic podcasting. Thank you all for all the support, it’s meant the world to me. And Mike. And it will to Tom as well.