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Tony DeAngelo and Ryan Strome Have Filed for Salary Arbitration

New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Both Ryan Strome and Tony DeAngelo have unsurprisingly filed for salary arbitration.

Strome and DeAngelo are coming off career years — 59 points for Strome and 53 for DeAngelo — and could get quite a raise in salary out of arbitration. DeAngelo made just $925,000 this past season, and Strome was in the final year of a two-year-deal signed with the Edmonton Oilers that paid $3.1 million.

In the case of Strome, if he makes it to arbitration, his award would be just for one season since upon completion he would be an unrestricted free agent. It has been speculated that he could earn around $4.75 million.

DeAngelo turns 25 this month, and has four years of experience, so the Rangers can decide whether it is a one or two-year award since they didn’t elect for arbitration. If they decided on two years it would take him to the spot that Strome is in currently.

A hearing date has not been set yet, so both are eligible to be traded if the Rangers aren’t interested in proceeding with either player. However, any team that trades for Strome or DeAngelo would inherit the arbitration date that’s eventually scheduled, unless they agree to a new contract before that.

In either case, it will be an interesting situation to watch, because both players have a good chance of getting an increase salary through an arbitration hearing, which would impact the team’s current cap situation.

The Rangers’ on paper cap space is $19,729,367, but that doesn’t account for Alexis Lafrenière’s ELC, and the total sum of rookie bonuses the Blueshirts may have to pay out. In addition to Strome and DeAngelo, they need to come to terms with Alexandar Georgiev, Brendan Lemieux. and Phillip Di Giuseppe.