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NHL News: Introducing the Seattle Kraken

If there isn’t a person in a Davey Jones cosplay waving a Kraken flag for the home opener this was all just a waste of time

Future Home Of NHL Team Seattle Kraken Climate Change Arena Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Earlier today, the NHL’s Seattle franchise finally unveiled its name, logo, and colors. Behold: the Seattle Kraken.

Seattle Kraken

Notice the tentacle slithering up the inside of the “S”? The beveled “S” is a tip of the cap to the shipwrights of Seattle and the Pudget Sound, which is also a nice touch that sets this logo apart. It appears that the anchor, the Kraken’s secondary logo, will have a home atop the shoulders of the home jersey which can be seen on the team’s official site.

For those who are curious, Seattle’s colors are as follows: deep sea blue, ice blue, boundless blue, shadow blue, and a splash of red alert (seen in the Kraken’s eye near the top of the primary logo). It’s a unique color pattern, but is still somewhat in the same neighborhood as the Winnipeg Jets. Personally, I was crossing my fingers for the “Seattle Sockeyes” with a maroon and olive color scheme — but this ain’t bad.

Let us know what you think of Seattle’s name, logo, and colors in the comments!