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Introducing Blueshirt Banter’s new writers

We have some new friends, which means you also have some new friends

Italian Daily Life 2021 Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Hello, folks. The 2021-22 season is here and, much like the New York Rangers, we brought in some heavy-hitters during the offseason. But, you know, our new writers won’t end up in the red in penalty differential or get a bunch of fighting majors. Probably. I don’t know. What I do know is that we are really excited about the new additions to our staff and what it means for Banter’s content moving forward.

Also, if you are not nice to our new writers in the comments I will find you and I will shoot you in the ear with a Nerf bow and arrow. Please say hello to them in the comments and keep an eye out for their stories in the coming days and weeks.

Oh, and we might have another new addition coming soon.

Tom Dianora (he/him) - Writer


I’m Tom! I live in Atlanta, GA, but am originally from New Jersey. I have been closely watching hockey and the Rangers since I was eight years old, as my New Yorker dad got me into them. I used to write for The Hockey Writers, and am now excited to be writing for Blueshirt Banter—a blog I’ve always enjoyed reading. Besides watching hockey and the Rangers, I enjoy watching other sports (especially college football, as I am a Clemson alum; I apologize in advance for the Twitter content), writing, and playing guitar.

Roberto Solis-Byxbee (he/him) - Writer


My name is Roberto! I am originally from the New York area but moved behind enemy lines outside Boston, MA as a small child. My love for the Rangers was forged and tempered in the fires of the Bruins fandom everyday. I have a boring office job and often find myself day dreaming about hockey. I’ve been an avid reader of Blueshirt Banter for years and am humbled and excited for the opportunity to join their ranks. Outside of hockey, I play guitar and sing in a couple of bands. I also enjoy anime and all things science fiction!

Leighann Strollo (she/her) - Social and Writer


Hello! My name is Leighann and I currently live in Indianapolis, IN but am originally from New Rochelle, NY (shoutout Kevin Shattenkirk). I got a sports journalism degree from IU, and now teach kids sports fundamentals and history at a museum as my day job! I initially got into hockey when I was in middle school but was far more interested in local high school and college games, eventually becoming a Rangers fan and helping convert my whole family to the sport of hockey! First and foremost, I am a Yankees fan. I’m a huge women’s hockey fan and also write for The Ice Garden! Outside of hockey and the Yankees, I’ll watch pretty much any sport or anything competitive. Most Monday nights you can find me living out my youth in beer league softball or binge watching MTV’s The Challenge.