2022 NHL Draft Open Thread

Let’s all pretend we know a lot about the future of a bunch of teenagers

It’s draft day! The New York Rangers don’t have a first-round pick — at least, as of the moment — but today is still a major day for the team and every other NHL franchise. A lot can happen on draft day, although most of the time it seems like we just hear about a lot of things that nearly happened.

Round 1 of the 2022 NHL Draft in Montreal unfolds today, beginning at 7 p.m. ET. Rounds 2-7 kick off tomorrow, beginning at 11 a.m. ET. Needless to say, the Rangers’ war room will be a lot busier tomorrow. The Blueshirts have four picks to make tomorrow, the first of which being the 63rd overall pick in Round 2. Of course, that number could change between today and tomorrow morning.

Draft Order

Round 1

1. Montreal Canadiens

2. New Jersey Devils

3. Arizona Coyotes

4. Seattle Kraken

5. Philadelphia Flyers

6. Columbus Blue Jackets (from CHI)

7. Ottawa Senators

8. Detroit Red Wings

9. Buffalo Sabres

10. Anaheim Ducks

11. San Jose Sharks

12. Columbus Blue Jackets

13. New York Islanders

14. Winnipeg Jets

15. Vancouver Canucks

16. Buffalo Sabres (from VGK)

17. Nashville Predators

18. Dallas Stars

19. Minnesota Wild (from LA)

20. Washington Capitals

21. Pittsburgh Penguins

22. Anaheim Ducks (from BOS)

23. St. Louis Blues

24. Minnesota Wild

25. Toronto Maple Leafs

26. Montreal Canadiens (from CGY)

27. Arizona Coyotes (from CAR via MTL)

28. Buffalo Sabres (from FLA)

29. Edmonton Oilers

30. Winnipeg Jets (from NYR)

31. Tampa Bay Lightning

32. Arizona Coyotes (from COL)

Please use this as your open thread for tonight’s draft. Enjoy the draft, (hopefully) the deals, and the drama.