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Rangers Sign Talyn Boyko to Entry Level Deal

New York Rangers Headshots Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

You can tell it’s spooky season because the New York Rangers just signed their 6’7” monster goaltending prospect to a three-year entry-level deal.

The Rangers drafted Boyko 112th overall out of the WHL in the 2021 NHL draft. He will more than likely end up competing in Hartford or Jacksonville, where ever it’s determined he can get the most experience and coaching.

The Rangers have a few goaltending prospects manning the helm for their minor league teams. Boyko will have to compete with both Dylan Garand, who is coming off an award-winning season in the WHL, and their former second-round pick Olof Lindbom who is finally healthy and ready to prove himself. This is also without counting Mr. Spicy Pork and Broccoli, Louis Domingue, so it’s very clear that the Rangers affiliate teams have an excess of goaltending. Boyko will have to find a way to separate himself if we’re ever to see him in the NHL.