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Kravtsov Rejects KHL Contract

Young forward looking to return to the NHL

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The Kravtsov saga has been dissected from every which way imaginable, even discussed at great length here on BSB, but the latest update on the young forward came out earlier today. With Kravtsov’s contract expiring, Traktor Chelyabinsk offered him an extension. Apparently it was exactly the term and money he was looking for, but Kravtsov declined it.

Will the Rangers’ disgruntled winger/center come back to play for New York? It’s not off the table, but he could easily be packaged and sent elsewhere. We don’t have the details on how Drury truly feels, but it’s never a bad thing to have another skilled player competing for a roster spot. Kravtsov is an upgrade over part of the active roster and pretty much all the forwards the Rangers currently have on the sidelines. However there are no guarantees whether he would be given a roster spot and we could easily see part 3 (or maybe part 4 I have lost count) of the young Russian not wanting to be demoted and play in the AHL.

Regardless of how you feel about the drama surrounding this topic, it’s exciting and helpful news for the future of the team. Losing their first round pick this year due to the condition of the Copp trade, they can now gain back another top prospect to plug in or use as an asset to try and move back into the first round. Last fall, very few people would have predicted Kravtsov’s return to the Rangers, but it very well could be happening sooner rather than later.