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Chytil and Strome Returning for Game 5

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Rangers - Game One Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

We’ve been here before folks, but usually not this close to the start of a game. Per Gerard Gallant, both Filip Chytil and Ryan Strome will be playing tonight.

This welcome news gives the Rangers the best chance they have to win, as they return home to MSG in an ultra important game five. Chytil’s presence will allow the kid line to remain intact, which has been the Rangers’ best line for some time this postseason. Gallant can do himself and the team a favor and give them more ice time, our own Tom Dianora explains why this is so important here. Strome returning, allows Goodrow to remain on the fourth line where he is a much more effective player. While Gallant has given us false hope in the past, the Rangers and their playoff hopes need this news to be real.

Another interesting development for the team is the progress of Sammy Blais’ rehabilitation. While Gallant has gone on record saying it’s a long shot for him to return and play this series, per Mollie Walker he was no longer in a no contact jersey during their practice just two days ago. Despite Gallant prophesizing that chances are low for him to return, never say never. Based on empirical data, questioning the information Gallant provides regarding players returning from injury seems to be the logical path forward.