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Guess Who’s Back...Back Again

Vitali Kravtsov arrives in NYC well ahead of NYR Training Camp

NHL: MAY 08 Rangers at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Love it or hate it, all signs are pointing towards Vitali Kravtsov getting a real shot with the New York Rangers this year. Per Mollie Walker, the young Russian winger has arrived in NYC well ahead of the Blueshirts’ training camp.

This is great news for several reasons, the first being the Rangers are up against the cap and still in need of signing Kaapo Kakko. Kravtsov is a cheap yet skilled option for the team, who will hopefully bring scoring depth to the bottom six of the roster.

Second, this opportunity for Kravtsov to get a legitimate opportunity on not just an NHL roster, but the Rangers’ roster will bring a sense of closure to many. We’ve come a long way from the first conflict between the young prospect and the team causing him to go back to Russia. It’s exciting to think about the relationship being repaired when just about nine months ago a trade was requested.

Last but not least, as we’re all aware the international conflict surrounding Eastern Europe has created a lot of apprehension on the ability and ease for players to travel to and fro Russia. Kravtsov coming early is nothing but good news, as we have confirmation he is here, focused, and getting ready to play in the NHL.