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NYR Announce 2022-23 Rookie Camp

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Earlier today New York Rangers GM Chris Drury announced the details surrounding the 2022-23 Rangers Rookie Camp.

After a long Rangersless summer, this should be the bright news you’re looking for on a dreary Monday afternoon! We get to see most of the team’s young prospects looking to make an impression on the coaching staff and management of the organization. As this camp plays out we may get a better idea of where each player is in their development and where Drury and co foresee their upcoming season to take place, whether that’s back in juniors or perhaps a shot at making an impression in the AHL.

There are a few question marks surrounding this announcement. The elephant in the room of course is the absence of Nils Lundkvist. There are a couple of plausible theories, one being he will not be included in any training camps due to his unofficial request to play elsewhere, and the second being he played twenty-five games last season, almost passing the mark of no longer counting as an NHL rookie.

Another obvious question is after his tumultuous yet very successful WJC tournament where will Brennan Othmann end up this year? Due to specific regulations, it’s purely NHL or bust for the young winger, or rather NHL, or be sent back to Juniors. It’s hard to imagine Othmann who is coming off of a dominant and mostly independent performance in the OHL being sent back. This Rookie Camp will give us a glimpse of how he and many others will acclimate to an NHL setting.