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Kravtsov, Leschyshyn not available tonight for roster management decisions

Things are happening. Crazy things.

Florida Panthers v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Well, we better buckle up because it appears things are going to get very interesting.

The New York Rangers have announced that Vitali Kravtsov and Jake Leschyshyn are being held out of tonight’s game due to roster management decisions. That’s another way to say the team likely doesn’t want to risk injury to players who are on the block or are currently being discussed in a deal. Recently, we’ve seen this happening a lot more around the league but this is a big one because it’s Kravtosv — and because the Patrick Kane rumors just won’t go away.

Clearly, something is brewing here. It might not necessarily be linked to Kane, but it would be shocking at this stage if Kravtsov isn’t moved before the deadline. And, given all of the discourse we’ve heard around Kane and the Rangers, we can’t rule the Blueshirts out of a blockbuster because salary cap shenanigans are a real thing. Teams can retain salaries and a salary can be shared more than once.

Stay tuned. We’ll have updates and analysis as more details emerge.