30 Days of Lundqvist: The F-Bomb on Live TV

Normally when we hear Henrik Lundqvist cursing it’s at a low volume after a stoppage and directed at opposing players, referees and sometimes his own teammates. He’s an intense guy. But at the 2012 NHL Awards we got to hear a different, but equally human, application of profanity.

Lundqvist was accepting the 2012 Vezina Trophy and seemed to be getting a little bit lost in his acceptance speech when he slipped a four-letter word past a censor during the live broadcast.

“The entire Rangers organization, Mr. Dolan, not only for this past year but for seven years. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the Rangers family, so thanks for that. Euh... f*ck.”

“Sorry!” Lundqvist offered to a crowd that had erupted in laughter, “but it feels good!”

Seconds after dropping the f-bomb Lundqvist thanked his mom and dad, which only drew out more laughter from the audience. The Rangers goaltender finished his speech after thanking his wife and Benoit Allaire and hustled off the stage.

To be fair, after the kind of season that Lundqvist had, he deserved to say whatever he wanted on that stage. He posted a .930 save percentage in the regular season and a .931 save percentage in the playoffs. Pretty f’in good.