Another Thank You And Fantasy Hockey

A month ago I gave you all a huge "thank you" for making July the single best month in Blueshirt Banter history. And while August didn't break July's record, it was the best month of August the site has ever had.

That's a big deal for two reasons. One: It means the site is growing. Two: At the beginning of the month I set a few personal goals I wanted to see the site hit in terms of hits and page views, and you guys smashed the numbers I wanted to see.

Basically, I'm thanking all of you again. Since the takeover you have all made the transition seamless, and you have helped this site grow to new proportions. So thank you all again!

Also, I'm thinking about starting up an official Blueshirt Banter fantasy hockey league, with another Blueshirt Banter T-Shirt as a prize. Obviously entries will be limited, so I'll have to figure out a way to see who gets in and who doesn't (it will probably be a random draw of sorts) but who would be interested in joining the official league?

I know some of you have been creating some leagues in the fanposts section, and that's fine. That will allow everyone on the site a way to play with one another if you don't get into the official one.

Let me know in the comments.