Bantering Points: 5/11/17

News and notes for Thursday, May 11th, 2017

I suppose now is as good a time as any to let everyone know that these Bantering Points columns are going to be coming to a close soon. With break up day happening later today, there won't be nearly as much content to pass along to you all as there is throughout the season. For that reason, I've decided to shelve the Bantering Points posts until training camp opens up again in September. I don't know when they'll come to an end for now, but when they do, that'll be it until next fall. Thanks to everyone who's read the pieces throughout the season, I appreciate it. Anyway, here today's news and links:

Rangers News:

Around the NHL:

  • Florida Panthers goaltender Roberto Luongo appeared on the radio to discuss his spring without NHL hockey, the Ryan Kesler/Cam Talbot controversy, and more (Sportsnet)
  • In an earth-shatteringly unexpected piece of news, the Washington Capitals lost a Game 7, and have failed to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 19th consecutive season (Japers' Rink)
  • Sean McIndoe reminisces on five of the best nights of hockey filled with Game 7's (The Hockey News)/