Bantering the Blueshirts Ep. 158: DeAngelo Blinks, Early Impressions from Preseason

The gang’s all here

Some serious train delays resulted in a very late start to our record last night, which forced us to once again resort to the power tool of podcasting, the MEGASHOW. In other words, the flagship show and “Off the Post” — where we answer listener questions — have been mashed together for this week’s podcast. It’s like the juice from your steak getting into your potatoes on your plate. It’s not ideal, but hell, it’s still delicious.

On this week’s show Joe and Mike break down Anthony DeAngelo signing a one-year “show me” contract. We also discuss the first three games of the Rangers preseason and talk about the positives we’ve seen despite the team’s 0-3-0 start.

It’s now becoming a weekly tradition to drool over Kaapo Kakko, so we also do a little bit of that before opening up the mailbag. We had some great questions this week, which sparked discussions about which up-and-coming player has the potential to be as beloved as Mats Zuccarello, why Boo Nieves will be the odd-man out, what the blue line looks like after Marc Staal and Brendan Smith come off the books, and much more.

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As always, thanks for listening. Enjoy the game tonight!