Bantering The Blueshirts Joins The VOX Family

Hey all,

Wanted to update you on some exciting news that’s been in the works for a few weeks now. Starting today, Mike and I will officially be offloading the podcast from Spreaker to Vox. Few things to note:

How do I listen?

Do you already subscribe to the show? Good. Nothing changes. If you’re already a subscriber, then your subscription automatically transferred over. If you’re looking to become a subscriber, note that now you need to search “Blueshirt Banter” to find the show, not Bantering The Blueshirts.

If you listen to the show directly from my Twitter or Facebook links, or directly from Blueshirt Banter, those links will be updated automatically and you’ll still be able to listen that way.

The big change comes from those of you who listen direct via Blog Talk Radio or Spreaker. The podcast will no longer be on those platforms. Don’t worry, though, the entire RSS feed and all past episodes of the show have been moved over to Vox, and you can bookmark that page here.

Is anything about the show changing?

There will be one major change to the show. Rather than doing a full show and following it up with a Q&A segment, we’re going to transition to two shows a week. Right now the tentative plan is to release the flagship show every Tuesday, and then a fully dedicated Q&A show (called Bantering The Blueshirts Off The Post — get it, post like mail!) every Thursday. So don’t worry, we’ll still be asking for all your questions.

Edit: Quick note on this, Mike and I still plan on the flagship show to be 45-minutes to an hour still, if not longer, but figure in that range. The Off The Post show will probably be around 30-minutes or so, depends on the question lengths. But that’s roughly what we’re looking at here!

Emergency podcasts, and a few silly podcasts (neither of which are consistent, obviously) will also be moved over to Vox. Speaking of ...

OK, I’m a Patreon supporter. What happens to me?

We’re still working this out, since bonus podcasts are now going to be released to everyone on the Vox network. The Patreon account will continue to exist.

We have a few ideas, that involves physical content (think stickers and pins) and then going from there. We’re also going to work on making sure that the Patreon page is more updated and lively without the bonus content. This is going to be something of a work in progress, but it’s important for us that you’re all happy with supporting the show. We will have updates ASAP. Edit: Mike and I just set a new group of rewards. For those of you already involved, prepare to get some damn swag in the coming weeks.

We’ve already used the money we’ve gotten from your support to move to a new recording platform and buy new microphones. The investments were expensive, but the sound quality has never been better and the show has a far more professional feel. We want to continue to use donations to invest in the show, and plan to make it worth your while with our content.

Is that all?

Yes. Well, one more thing: Thank you. The support for both the site and the show has been fantastic. 2018 was another record year for the site, we saw significant support for the podcast, recorded our one-millionth download, and also achieved our 50-millionth page view for the site. Bigger and better things are coming, but it’s because of all of you that we could even do it.

Any questions? Just ask!