Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 9 P.M.

Bantering The Blueshirts will go live tonight at 9 p.m. Note the new start time for tonight only -- I have a work function I can’t push back. One more time: 9 p.m. start tonight.

Also, tonight is going to be a special show. At around 9:30ish we’re going to interview a special guest to talk about Adam Clendening and his help in the fight against autism. It might run into the Tony Time (in fact, I’d bet it will) so you might have to catch the full thing on archive. Not that we’re complaining about that :)

Speaking of:

Now onto the important things. The Wall of House Banter! These are the people who have so generously supported the podcast through Patreon. If you want your name on this list, well, go to the Patreon and see what’s up! (Our primary goal is $500, which we’re going to infuse right back into the podcast with some new equipment to help with the clarity of the show. First thought if you’re going to donate is that we make the show better for you, not line our own pockets.)

Anthony Viola - Otherwise known as “Tony,” “Uncle Tony,” “Richter,” “Richter 1994,” “Tony Viola AKA Richter1994,” “The Don,” “Grandpa,” “J.T. Miller’s illegitimate father,” “Get Off My Lawn,” and sometimes “Tony, get the hell off Blueshirt Banter and pay attention to me or else I swear to God I’m leaving.”

Tony was born in 1692, somehow with a blackberry phone in his hands — which incidentally started the Salem Witch Trials. Since then Tony has been padding his stats everywhere he goes. He begs for recs on the side of the road from strangers who have no idea what he’s talking about. He writes one-word responses to people to create sentences. There was a time when Tony contributed 10% of the site’s total commenting numbers.

All his flaws aside, Tony has been there for me from the very beginning. When I meet him during Rangers games he hugs me and tells me he loves me. He means it when he says it, too, and that says about all you need to know about Tony.

(Also, if I didn’t write something nice I’d go “fishing” with his “friends” and the site would turn into “Tony’s you need to do your taxes right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIIGHT??????.com”)

Danz Lynch - Danz10 has been with the site almost as long as Tony. There’s been something of a turnover from the original group — back when the site was a baby -- and he’s one of the few to stick with the site from then to now. Danz occasionally decides he’s had enough of the crappy hosts on the podcast and calls in to take charge. He remembers stats and data like Rain Man and can instantly pick out errors -- which I provide for him often.

Danz is inherently happy. Makes the site a better and more fun place and has supported both the site and the podcast like a loving brother. That’s why he’s on the wall!

George Lippman - If you don’t recognize the name then BSF for 50 should tune you in. If you don’t recognize that name it’s because he’s banned you or is showing off his shiny moderator badge. 50 does a lot of the dirty work on this site and doesn’t get credit for it. When you come here and comment and feel safe it’s because he’s kicking troll asses and taking names.

50 is also part of the “spread Blueshirt Banter” motion. He appeared in the local news with his jersey (which has “BSB” on the back and the number 50) and makes every Ranger sign it whenever possible. You can be doing more, use 50 as an example.

Matt Bader - Matt has been a long time supporter of Blueshirt Banter. In fact, if I were to do a review of the site, I would use Matt’s very generous “BSB is my morning and my evening” review in our “this is what people are saying about us” section.

Like all long-term supporters, Matt has become jaded to my constant grammatical errors (somewhere Beth nods along sadly) and now that he’s an official Blueshirt Banter lobbyist he has lobbied for more Mike game threads (because they’re hilarious). He also wants me to put an end to Jack being a Patriots fan. Say no more, Matt on both of those fronts. Say no more ...

Eric Kohn - Blueshirt Banter is a quilt, held together with the fabric of the community that is all of you. Some of you jump in and make a name for yourself (like Tony) while other prefer to sit and watch from the shadows.

Eric is the former, and this paragraph has outed him as a serial Blueshirt Banter follower/supporter ... from the shadows. That’s right, he’s reading your posts and laughing at Tony’s never-ending demand for recs because he can’t give you any of those things.

While I don’t condone lurking (we don’t bite, come join the fray!) Eric has smartly removed himself from the rec war that is Blueshirt Banter. Maybe one day he will jump in. Thankfully, Eric has donated, which means he’s king lurker now. All other lurkers need to answer to Eric. Which you can only do by commenting ... Which none of you do ... So ... Yeah.

We’d also like to thank the below for their generous contributions:

Michael Silvers

Trevor Kempner

Thomas Osa

Alexander Thornton

Nicholas Forlenza

To everyone who has donated, thank you so much! We’re not making this obligatory, nor do we want you to feel pressured, but if you can help out we’d appreciate it. If not, your support of our endeavors is good enough!