Behind The Scenes: The Erik Christensen Trade

The New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild swapped players today, as Erik Christensen was sent to the Wild for Casey Wellman. Luckily enough for Blueshirt Banter, I was around to hear the discussion that led up to the trade.

CF stands for Chuck Fletcher, the Wild GM, and GS stands for Glen Sather, the Rangers GM. Enjoy.


GS: Hey Chuck, how ya doing?

CF: Glen, I don't want Wade Redden.

GS: No, it's different this time.

CF: Glen, I know how good Henrik Lundqvist is. I don't know why you keep calling me to tell me that.

GS: I have a proposal you can't refuse.

CF: Is that a threat? What?

GS: I want Devin Setoguchi. I feel like he would play well in Tortorella's style.

CF: And what style is that?

GS: That'll be the plot of the next Die Hard film, so I'll refrain from answering that question.

CF: Well Setoguchi, nor any of our big name players are available, so how about a minor deal?

GS: How about I fleece you like I did to Montreal and just take Setoguchi off your hands?

CF: Glen, you aren't supposed to tell me you're about to rip me off.

GS: Oh, right, forget that. You're going to rip me off. You can have Erik Christensen.

CF: Erik Christensen? What the heck is an Erik Christensen?GS: You haven't heard? The eighth wonder of the world? Christensen is a shootout extraordinaire, and is great for when your team needs to hide out after controversy because no one can see him,

CF: Is this guy even real? You're making him sound like an action figure?

GS: Yeah, look him up, search "invisible man scores goal in NHL game" on Google.

CF: Wow, he is real! Why would I want an invisible hockey player, though?

GS: If the defense can't see him, how will they stop him?

CF: Like Chara trying to defend Zuccarello? I don't think he can bend that low.

GS: Exactly, so you can have Christensen, and we'll take Setoguchi.

CF: No Setoguchi, how about...uhh...Casey Wellman. He plays well, man!

GS: If I accept that offer will you never say that joke again.

CF: Sure, what number does Christensen wear?

GS: Hahaha you have so much to learn.

CF: What's his phone # to tell him about the trade?

GS: Hahahaha.

CF: ....Glen?

GS: Just don't be surprised when you see pucks moving around in practice randomly without any players nearby.

CF: Oh dear.