Blueshirt Banter Discussion: Do The New York Rangers Need To Replace Marian Gaborik's Scoring?

Don't you love the change in emotions and feelings over Marian Gaborik this season? It went from loving him (41 goals in the regular season), to hating him (about his playoff numbers), to wanting to trade him (right after the playoffs) and now to what the Rangers are going to do without his goal scoring ability.

Regardless of the roller coaster of emotions from some, I've maintained that Gaborik is a dynamic player who happens to be one of the most lethal goal scorers in the NHL.

Which brings us to the question: Do the Rangers need to replace his goal scoring for the start of the regular season (which he will most likely miss)? Or do the Rangers simply need more goal scoring period, so they might as well bring in some scoring talent anyway?

And if you -- like myself -- believe that the Rangers do need to add more goal scoring, then how far are you willing to go to get it? Who are you willing to part with?

It's not an easy question. Anyway, what are your thoughts?