Blueshirt Banter Discussion: Do You Mess With This Team's Chemistry At The NHL Trade Deadline?

In a 1-0 loss to the New Jersey Devils Tuesday night the New York Rangers proved something. As good of a team as they are right now, the lack of a potent power play could be this group's undoing in the playoffs.

Tuesday night the Rangers had a brilliant chance to tie the game when they were awarded a power play with under 10 minutes left in the game. The power play failed to convert, marking the 17th straight time the Rangers have failed to score with the man advantage. You can complain about the call that disallowed a Rangers' goal all you want, but the simple fact is that the Rangers should have never let the game come to that point in the first place.

There will be big names linked to the Rangers as we get closer and closer to the NHL trade deadline, and despite fans refusing to want even discuss touching this team's chemisty, I think it's a subject that has to be broached. This team needs power play help, and they need it soon. Some extra offense wouldn't hurt either.

So I ask all of you: Would you make a big move at the deadline this year if it's reasonable -- I'm not talking about never-gonna-happen steals (any deal involving Wade Redden would fall into this category) just deals that make sense for both sides -- if it's on the table? Or would you keep the chemistry and hope that the power play either starts to score as the season continues or hope that it doesn't come back to bite the team in the playoffs?

The floor is yours.