Blueshirt Banter Playoff Pick 'em Round Three

After tonight's Flyers historic comeback against the Boston Bruins, all of the Conference Finals match-ups are set, which means it is time for Blueshirt Banter's playoff pick 'em. I find it ironic that the 7th and 8th seeds will be battling it out in the East, especially since one of those could have been our very own New York Rangers. Anyway, below are mine , Rob's and Joe's picks for the third round.

Nick's Picks:Ff3d9oc8dqy11eyr2afo20ese_medium

Montreal in 6

San Jose in 7

Joe's Picks:

Montreal in 7

Chicago in 7

Rob's Picks:

Philadelphia in 6

San Jose in 7

Submit your picks in the comments. As for the previous rounds, Joe is in the process of tallying up all the votes and will have them all sorted out as soon as possible.