Brandon's Take: The All-Star Game Has Been Handled Almost Perfectly By The NHL

Today it was announced that Zdeno Chara and Daniel Alfredsson are the two captains of the All-Star Game teams. I, for one, think they are two terrific choices for a terrific event.

I love the "fantasy" all-star draft, the mocking of the "Mr. Irrelevant," the possibility of the Sedin twins being on separate teams and all that jazz.

The NHL did not turn the event into something bigger than it has to be, like the MLB did by making the winner of the game get Home Field Advantage in the World Series. Instead, the NHL turned the All-Star Game into the exact opposite: a pickup game between the best of the best in hockey, and Alexander Ovechkin, (Zing!)

The only flaw in the NHL's handling of the game is that the fans get to choose the first six in. Instead, the fans should be allowed to choose the Captains out of the pools, or the Alternates, or something minor.

Regardless of said flaw, the game is nothing more than a fun exhibition. Like many here, I like the skills competition just as much, if not more, but for all that has been said about the NHL's mistakes, this is something they got almost right.