Brian Boyle Injury: Brian Boyle Was Suffering From An Allergic Reaction

Brian Boyle was suffering from an allergic reaction last week, and that was the reason behind his ailment.

After last night's win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, Joe Miceletti revealed that Brian Boyle was suffering from an unknown type of ailment, and that it was not allowing him to sleep. That threw up some white flags in Ranger land, as we weren't sure whether it was an injury, or a personal matter than Boyle was dealing with. Boyle played a solid game last night, and was named the third star of the game for his physical play. Micheletti finished up by saying the certain ailment would take some time to get over.

Fast forward to later this afternoon, when Brian Boyle sent out a tweet regarding the specific ailment in which he was suffering. It turns out, while many people believed that it was an injury of some sorts, it actually turned out to be an allergic reaction. Boyle stated that it occurred last week, and that it was blown out of proportions last night during the broadcast. The full tweet can be viewed down below.