Buyout Window Closes Without Any Rangers Activity

The buyout window actually closes tomorrow at 5p.m., but players with a NMC need to be put on waivers before they can be bought out. That deadline was Noon today, and since Noon has come and gone without Dan Girardi’s name on the list, there won’t be a buyout for now.

I say “for now” because there is a secondary buyout window post-arbitration -- and there is some logic to the Rangers seeing how things shake up between now and then before utilizing it as an option — but it seems more than likely the Rangers will not be buying Girardi out this year.

There’s a few factors that go into this. Maybe the Rangers would rather lessen the punishment by holding onto Girardi for another year and then buying him out next year before the expansion draft. Maybe the Rangers couldn’t do what they wanted to do at the draft/the past few days and don’t want to buy him out since they know they’re going to struggle next year.

Either way, it appears as though the Rangers will not be taking this option this year.