By Popular Demand: The Last, Final, Ultimate Tanner Glass Article on BSB*

I hope I’m not stepping on any other writer’s toes, but the news that ex-Ranger (ooh that feels good to write) Tanner Glass has signed a PTO with the Calgary Flames has filled me with joy and happiness.

Let’s all take a moment and share our thoughts and memories in tribute to our ex-#15, the only player who could elicit cheers from the Garden crowd for smashing into the boards seconds after an opposing player had vacated the premises; the player who had the ability to have superior players benched in his favor; the alleged love child of Alain Vigneault; the player who was a great locker-room guy but brought very little to the ice besides a lack of deterrence.

Let’s hear it for Tanner Glass: ex-Florida Panther, ex-Vancouver Canuck, ex-Winnipeg Jet, ex-Pittsburgh Penguin, and now EX-NEW YORK RANGER!

Blue this shit!!

  • This may not be the last article about Tanner Glass on BSB./

The Rangers should have kept Tanner Glass

Are you fucking kidding me?904