Cam Talbot And His "Sense of Entitlement" Shipped Back to Connecticut

[Note by Jim Schmiedeberg, 03/02/11 11:11 AM EST I thought maybe we could use a laugh today, hope this helps.]

Apparently the Rangers were serious when they said playing time would be based on merit, and would have to be earned, as the woefully unproductive Cameron Talbot was banished to Connecticut following another inept performance in last night's 2-1 (or was it 3-2? Or maybe it was 4-3? Ahhh who the hell knows, it's all the same these days, they lost by a goal, that's all I remember. Ok, back to this bum Talbot) loss to Buffalo.

"There's not going to be a sense of entitlement around here like there was in the past", said John Tortorella after the game. "Right now, Talbot is contributing absolutely nothing to this team, and that simply won't be tolerated. So for now, he's going back to Connecticut. He can go deliver pizzas for whatshisface for all I care."

While it may seem harsh to blame a rookie for all the Rangers' woes, the numbers don't lie (they just don't agree with you....yeah we get it George. That guy and his numbers, Sister Mary Francis, can you guys keep up with that stuff? I can't, I swear I get a case of the "Boogaards" with that corsi stuff, and I have to go lie down in a dark room for an hour......wait, what was I talking about? Oh, Talbot, right.) 0 goals, 0 assists, it's obvious to everyone that Rangers are not getting their money's worth out of him. So I applaud this move. I mean, do you even notice him when he is on the ice? I can't remember this guy taking one shift last night, and every time they show the bench, he is just sitting there, doing nothing. I've had enough of Cam Talbot, and I'm glad to see the Rangers have too.

"How do you just lose the puck on a 3 on 1? It's inexcusable" Torts added, exasperated, "We've done hours and hours of teaching with Cammer, talked to him about his play on the ice, but the focus just isn't there. He isn't fore-checking, he isn't finishing, he isn't going to the net, and all the bad penalties he is taking are just killing us."

Good riddance Talbot, you're done costing this team games.