Derick Brassard: 'Being a Ranger was special to me'

He has officially bid the Rangers farewell.

It must have been a chaotic 24 past hours for Derick Brassard. I'd imagine it's easier to be traded in the off-season, when you have more time to focus properly on relocating your entire life, but it still can't be easy - especially when you're moving to a completely different city (country, even, although at least Brassard is Canadian).

He's got that much more on his plate this off-season now - but he's found the time to say goodbye to his team of the past three years, the New York Rangers.

Farewell, Brass - he leaves us two points shy of back-to-back 60 point seasons, having been one of the Rangers' top scorers during his time here. What a fitting picture to choose as his time as a Ranger officially comes to an end.