Discussion of the Day: 10/03/23

Discussion of the Day: 10/03/23

Happy Tuesday, today the New York Rangers are off from game action, and will close out the preseason on a set of back to back games vs. the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday and Thursday. Monday was a big practice day for the team, and the coaching staff worked the players hard.

This is a stark change from the previous regime, and seeing how things have gone has had me thinking to the point where I am interested in what the fanbase is thinking.

If the Rangers’ success under Gallant was because of skill, and Igor Shesterkin, are you feeling more optimistic about their potential this season?

Given the drastic change in practicing, an emphasis on teamwork, systems, and tactics, it is clear that a lot of that was missing previously and the team was succeeding because of star players that could execute on the power play, and Shesterkin being an all-world goaltender. Then you factor in having a defender like Adam Fox who individually has had a big impact on the team.  This is how the team was able to exist with less than stellar 5v5 numbers.

There is always a potential concern about coaching away skill by asking rendering a player’s strengths useless by deploying them in a role that doesn’t make sense, but I personally think the types of coaches brought in should help the team. And the more I think about it, the more optimistic I am about what this team can collectively do with proper guidance. You might see some individual point totals drop with the offense being spread out more evenly, but in the long run the goal is going on a playoff run and winning a title.

I could totally be overthinking things and making a bit much out of some preseason workouts and practices, but I imagine others might have some slightly similar thoughts. With that said, I am interested in what you think, and hope you have a great Tuesday.