Emotionless 3-0 Loss to Atlanta Leaves Rangers On The Brink


That's the amount of emotion the Rangers carried over from their huge comeback win over the Bruins the other night, which is now on the verge of being meaningless.


That's the amount of excuses that are acceptable for a performance like this.


That's the amount of control the Rangers now have over their own destiny.


That's the amount of goals the Rangers scored tonight, in losing to the Atlanta Thrashers 3-0 at Madison Square Garden.

Inexcusable.  Absolutely inexcusable.

Now the Rangers will need help from these same Atlanta Thrashers, who will have to beat the Carolina Hurricanes Friday night if the Rangers have any hope of making the playoffs. Their are some other options I guess, but right now I don't know or care what they are.

Your Atlanta goal scorers: Rob Schremp and Andrew Ladd (Fifteen seconds apart in the second), and Eric Boulton in the third.

Plenty of blame to go around; Marian Gaborik, who played a dumb, listless, lifeless game; Sean Avery, who couldn't score on a soccer net; you name the Ranger in the lineup tonight, they deserve blame.

That's it. That's all I got. I'm honestly too stunned to come up with anything else. Sorry for the lack of effort in the recap, but it seems just about right for this game.