Henrik Lundqvist Extension: The Market Doesn't Matter, Lundqvist Will Be Paid

Don't look at other contracts when thinking up numbers for Lundqvist. It doesn't make sense.

There are already people lamenting Corey Crawford's six-year, $36-million deal signed on Monday. The reason? If Crawford is worth $6-million a year then Henrik Lundqvist must be worth at least $10-million a year. And while it's true, Lundqvist could pretty much demand anything and the New York Rangers wouldn't have much of a choice but to pay him, it actually doesn't impact Lundqvist's negotiations at all.

Look, when you're a good player you usually get paid. When you're a great player you always get paid. And when you're the best player in the game at your position? You're writing your own check.

Lundqvist and his agent don't need examples to point to when they're giving their figures to Glen Sather. They don't need to sit in a negotiation room and explain what goalies are getting what dollars.

Lundqvist is going to get paid regardless of the market. Right now the top NHL goaltenders are making $7-million a year (Pekka Rinne and Jonathan Quick), Lundqvist can make upwards of $8-million without anyone else batting an eye. Is he asking for figures that high? I don't know. I know he can, but I don't know if his camp is.

Regardless, stop worrying about what other goaltenders are making. It doesn't matter. Lundqvist is going to get his money regardless of what's happening everywhere else.

Which isn't surprising. He deserves it.