Henrik Lundqvist on 400 wins

“Winning at the Garden never gets old” - true.

One of the rawest ways for someone like a professional athlete to talk to fans is through social media.

It is, generally, unedited. An interview - unless it’s shown live - can have parts taken out; an athlete’s social media is him or her controlling their message, even if it’s not them physically typing it out.

So after Henrik Lundqvist got the 400th win of his career - just the 12th goalie to ever do that - he took the time to reflect.

Of course, it’s classic hockey player to thank all your teammates, but would you expect anything less from Hank? (Besides, they were key in those 400 wins; on top of everything else Lundqvist already does, it’s not like he’s going to score goals, too.)

It was perhaps all the better that Lundqvist was able to secure the win at home. Getting 400 wins is special no matter what, but hitting that marker in front of your fans? Even better. And it was the end of the Rangers’ homestand; they had to get it done, and they did.

Speaking of winning at the Garden, Lundqvist has done that 226 times throughout his career - the other 174 wins coming away from home - so yeah, he’s pretty familiar with doing that.

And yeah, it definitely doesn’t get old.