Henrik Lundqvist: The New York Rangers are ‘my everyday life’

He talks extensively about his connection with both New York and Sweden, and how important charity is to him.

At this point, Henrik Lundqvist is basically synonymous with the New York Rangers. He’s entering his 12th season with the team; how could he not be?

That leaves two places, in particular, very near and dear to his heart: New York, where he spends roughly nine months of the year, and Gothernburg, Sweden, where he spends roughly the other three.

Gothenburg is where he first fell in love with hockey, after all, and it’s where many of his family and friends are. And he gets to help people there, too - just as he also gets to help many in New York.

He gets into great detail about both hockey and charity in a recent piece for Haute Living, where he talks not just about his history of playing hockey (turns out one of the reasons he loved it was because it’s a team sport, so he could win alongside his brother), but about what motivates him to do what he does with the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation, too.

“I was given a great opportunity in New York with the Rangers. You begin to see that the things you took for granted as a kid growing up are not there for everyone. In Sweden, everyone has access to good health care and education. The schools are in good shape. It was never a question, it was always there. In order for certain children to have that same access in New York now, you need a lot of people to help out.”

All in all, the piece is a fantastic look at just how Lundqvist has cemented his place in Rangers history - both on and off the ice.