Henrik Lundqvist was part of a Jeopardy! answer

Now he's made it.

You know what's great? Game shows. Specifically, the classics. The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune... Jeopardy!, in which contestants pick from various categories and are given the answer to the question. They then provide the question, and boy, they'd better phrase it as a question or else.

Anyway, it's awesome, and a great source of trivia - and cameos.

Take Henrik Lundqvist, for example.

What are goal posts? The sharp ping! is music to all our ears, but theirs the most.

Jeopardy! didn't have to name any NHLers to get the answer across. And when they decided to, they could have gone with just about any goalie. But they went with Lundqvist - undoubtedly because he's one of the most popular goalies in the entire league.

The king can now add Jeopardy! to his resume.