How The New York Rangers And Ryan Callahan Are Performing Thus Far

While browsing around the internet today, I stumbled upon a debate going on between New York Rangers fans. They were debating whether the play of Ryan Callahan has decreased since the season has started. I'm here to say that although it seems it has changed, it hasn't.

Some were stating that Callahan was "invisible" out on the ice, and he wasn't play up this his potential. Although, every shift he has taken, I notice him more and more. He finishes his checks, gets in the way of shots, and does all the gritty work. However, the main reason for this debacle was the fact that his points are not that impressive.

To be completely honest, we're only five games into the regular season, there is no need to worry. Sure it was a slow start, but knowing Callahan, he'll find his scoring touch soon enough.

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In my opinion, the other reason why Callahan is so-called "invisible" out there, is that the play of

Marian Gaborik


Brad Richards

is overshadowing Callahan. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, as the play of Gabby and Richards has been great so far.Most people are comparing the effort and talent to the top line, and it hasn't matched up as of yet. Like I stated before, we are only five games into the season, Callahan and the pack line will get it back together, it's only a matter of time.

What are your guys thoughts on this?