Is Oscar Lindberg Ahead Of Schedule?

Yesterday the New York Rangers posted a video of Oscar Lindberg talking about his hip injury, surgery and current recovery. You can view the interview here.

If you’re more interested in what he actually looks like on the ice, well, the Rangers handled that as well with the below tweet.

He looks pretty good there, and while I’m not a doctor, I’m pretty sure him skating that well this far our puts him slightly ahead of schedule for his expected November return.

The Rangers, as you know, have an incredible amount of forwards fighting for just a few spots on the team — and that doesn’t even include Lindberg since we know he won’t be ready for the start of the year.

I’d be surprised if Alain Vigneault kept an extra forward around to start the year with the expectation of holding on to them long term since Lindberg will also be fighting for playing time once he returns. Him being healthier quicker is a good thing for the Rangers both short and long term, but also makes Vigneault’s life a lot harder when it comes to making a long-term decision for this roster. Lindberg was the odd man out last year (for Tanner Glass of course) but how much of that was due to his hidden twin hip injury was never revealed.

Either way, Lindberg skating in early September has to be a really good thing. And maybe it means he’s actually ahead of schedule.