Kevin Hayes had the best welcome message for Jimmy Vesey

Two boys from Massachusetts grow up playing hockey together, and...

Until yesterday, nobody was quite sure just where Jimmy Vesey would end up. One possible destination for him was the Boston Bruins, if only because he’s from Massachusetts. Play for the hometown team, right?

Not so in Vesey’s case, as he opted for New York City - where Kevin Hayes was waiting for him, and probably itching to send out this tweet.

Hayes is also from Massachusetts, so it’s probably not that surprising they played together when they were much smaller. It’s really awesome they’ll get to experience it again at the highest level, though - and both already even have something else in common, in deciding not to sign with their the teams that drafted him, and actively choose the Rangers instead.

Oh, and the catchphrase Hayes provides for us right away. That’ll probably get a fair share of use throughout the season. The Photoshop is already made, too! That really WAS Vesey.