Blueshirt Banter Community Guidelines

We don’t have many rules at Blueshirt Banter, but the ones we do have we take very seriously. There is an important sense of community at Blueshirt Banter and the most important part of this community is treating one another with courtesy and respect. We want to encourage free speech, healthy debate and different opinions and perspectives but we also require our members to be courteous and to exercise reason when they disagree with one another.

Below are some of the rules which will be enforced on a daily basis and will supplement SB Nation's Terms and Conditions:

  • We do not tolerate personal attacks or insults on members of our community or our editors. We also do not tolerate "baiting" or the antagonization of our members or trolling of any kind. Any harassment of any kind of our members and editors will not be tolerated.
  • Illegal or unlawful postings will not be tolerated, including any postings that contain defamatory, libelous, or slanderous content, or infringing content of any kind
  • We do not tolerate hate speech, sexist comments, homophobia, or any other intolerant or prejudiced speech.
  • Members must not interfere with moderation and disciplinary action that is being carried out by editors. In short, don’t tell editors how to do their jobs and extend to them the same respect you would like them to show you.
  • Please leave trolls alone and allow the staff to handle them.
  • Religion, politics, and other potentially controversial topics are not tolerated at Blueshirt Banter.
  • No posting links to pirate feeds or websites that have inappropriate (Not Safe For Work) content on them.
  • Limited excerpts are OK, as long as you provide credit and a link-back for all posts which use another writer's content.

· Regarding Profanity and Vulgarity-

Profanity is tolerated at Blueshirt Banter, excessive vulgarity is not. Common sense should be used in terms of what would be considered excessively vulgar. Overtly sexual topics, language and images that would be deemed "Not Safe For Work", and grossly vulgar humor are not permitted at Blueshirt Banter. All offending comments will be deleted and action will be taken as directed.

· Regarding the Posting of Images-

The posting of images is permitted at Blueshirt Banter. DO NOT steal images from others or post items that would violate third party copyrights. Moving images (.gif images) should be used in moderation and should be appropriate. If there are too many moving images in a thread an editor will delete them to allow the thread to reload more smoothly. Use common sense when posting images as to whether or not they are too big, if they are relevant, or if they might offend someone. We also ask our members to please put something in the "subject" line of any images you post so that the images can be collapsed by those who don’t want to view them. In regards to applying common sense when posting images, try to remember that some of our members enjoy Blueshirt Banter from their workplace and when young family members are in the room with them.

Violation of the Rules-

Will result in a warning or being banned from Blueshirt Banter. Any direction given by an editor in a warning should be taken seriously. We try to avoid banning unless all other options have been exhausted or the actions of a member leave the editors no choice. If you are banned you can appeal to be allowed to return to Blueshirt Banter by emailing Joe Fortunato (e-mail below). If you are banned, don’t waste your time creating a new name and account to try and dodge the ban, we will know if it is you and your new account will also be banned. Also note that if a user creates multiple handles to get around a ban, your account will be shut down for ALL websites on SB Nation, not just Blueshirt Banter. In short, just don't do it.

All actions taken by editors will be done at their own discretion. Editors have the final say in all justice acts that are taken at Blueshirt Banter. If you have any issues or concerns pleas e-mail managing editor Joe Fortunato at

Thanks, and enjoy!

* Community Guidelines are subject to change. All content posted by members is subject to be dealt with as editors see fit, even if the content doesn't fall specifically under one of the points listed above.