Marc Staal Injury: Can Staal Return Before The Playoffs?

Could Staal be back sooner than we thing?

According to a report from Sportsnet, Marc Staal could be returning to Broadway much quicker than originally thought. The report cites Staal can be back in as little as a week or before the playoffs.

Obviously this would be a huge boost to the New York Rangers playoff push. I would, however, take a report like this with a grain of salt. The Rangers have been very tight-lipped about the Staal injury and haven't given any true updates throughout the process. The most information we got was from his brothers a few weeks ago when the Rangers took on the Carolina Hurricanes.

Their quotes that night insinuated that Staal was recovering and that the injury, thankfully, wasn't career threatening. But even then there were concerns about Staal's vision and how quickly he would be able to get back onto the ice.

Either way, if this report is true then it's a very good thing for New York. The Rangers loss to the Maple Leafs last night is one of many highlights proving the Rangers miss Staal tremendously.