Mats Zuccarello, Henrik Lundqvist took to the ice again for Zuccarello's Charity All Star Game

And they look good!

Mats Zuccarello's All Star Game in his native Norway was played for the third year today. It's all for charity, of course - and while the fundraising is still in progress, you know everyone who came out got treated to some good hockey.

How could they not be, with these two New York Rangers involved?

Game time.. #ZuccaASG

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Henrik Lundqvist was already getting back into the flow of things about two weeks ago, so it's good to see he likely had adequate warmup before once again taking to the ice in his pads.

Hockey wasn't the only sport on the docket, though, it seems.

With the UEFA Euros in full swing, it only makes sense Zuccarello's festivities would include some soccer, too! And Zuccarello's been all about Italy this year, so he must still be feeling rather good.