Michael Grabner built a Rangers snowman

Now that’s the perfect family activity.

What’s one to do with a day off in between games? Not just a day without a game, even, but one filled with snow?

Well, Michael Grabner and his son had the perfect solution: you build a snowman, of course.

A snowman who is a Rangers fan.

Workout,skate annnnnd building a snowman with my little helper! #snowman #☃️ #❄️

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You can tell the snowman is a Rangers fan because he’s so happy (who wouldn’t be delighted with a team that keeps scoring four goals every game? Especially when one of his makers is one of the ones scoring so many goals?).

And because he’s wearing a Rangers hat, that too - not usually common attire for a snowman, but still extremely fitting, nevertheless.

This is so wholesome. Congrats to the Grabners on a job well done, and may the Rangers fan snowman bring his favorite team some more wins.