Michael Grabner has quite the vertical

Can't wait to see the on-ice application!

Michael Grabner hasn't dressed a single game for the New York Rangers yet, but thanks to his Instagram, we've already seen him hard at work on various athletic activities.

The latest? A hell of a vertical.

Trying to work on those hops..thanks to cameraman @schlutze25 #hurdles #workout

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I have no idea how high he's actually jumping; I can just note Grabner is listed as being 6'1, and those bars are definitely over waist height. And he nails them perfectly, all six in a row.

Now just wait for that to translate on the ice somehow. Screen and jump out of the way of a puck? Over a sprawling defender? Over a non-sprawling defender, at this rate?

Grabner has been a fun off-season pickup.

... And clearly a fit one, too.

Quick trip to Italy for the day with the family..nice to have it so close #vaction #sun #filthyflamingos

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