Monday Morning Open Thread: Joe Is Going On Vacation Edition

See ya, guys!

As the summer continues to drag on without hockey news everything seems to slow down. So this really is the perfect time for a needed vacation. So I'm going to be gone from tomorrow until 8/22. I will have no cell phone, no Twitter, no Internet and (mostly) no e-mail.

That means the following will happen, because things always happen while I'm away:

- Derek Stepan will be re-signed.

- Henrik Lundqvist will be extended.

- Scientists in Sweden will reveal Lundqvist is actually some type of Greek God/robot and the NHL will have to grandfather in mythical players.

- The Rangers will trade for Rick Nash. (This may have already happened, but don't underestimate the power of me being gone.)

Anyway, with me gone Bryan will be running this ship. I made Mike the first mate, Uncle Caerid is the head of security and I left Kevin in the brig (I'm not crazy, people) so things should be where I left them when I return. For the most part. I hope.

While I'm gone you may do the following things:

1) Sign up for Blueshirts Monthly.

2) Finally get to enjoy the Rangers having a first round pick on a mock draft.

3) Comment every day about how you miss me and how this place isn't the same without me. (This goes a long way for brownie points when I return).

4) Ask Mike ridiculous questions including: "If you were trapped inside of a giant bag on a deserted island, which mythical creature would you like to be in the bag with, if your intentions are to utilize the creature to break out of the bag and then escape the Island?"

5) Have you signed up for Blueshirts Monthly yet?

Anyway guys. I'm off. Have fun, behave and I'll see you when I get back.

P.S: And if you have a party just make sure to clean up so I don't know it happened. I'm not afraid to ground you guys.